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kok-klips short form of Cock-Eclipse

Temporarily blindness from accidentally seeing another mans Penis.
Paul: "Phil whipped out his junk in the middle of the party. I couldn't avoid the cocklipse."

Murk: "That still makes you gay!"
#cock #eclipse #blinded #penis #junk
by lancetightpants June 01, 2011

A game of chance played in your underpants with only two outcomes.

Outcome #1. Gas

Outcome #2. Shit Soup
Paul: "I have to fart bad but I'm playing Shat Roulette right now!"

Murk: "$20 bucks on Shit Soup!"
#shat #roulette #shit #soup #shart
by lancetightpants June 01, 2011
(pawr-ney-doh) short form of Porn Tornado.

A sexual move performed by the female partner whereby she lines up in the cowgirl position and lowers herself onto the erect penis with a circular motion. Can also be performed in the reverse cowgirl position.
Murk: "How did your date go last night?"

Paul: "Dude, she did the Pornado, how do you think it went?"
#porn #tornado #sex #cowgirl #position
by lancetightpants June 01, 2011
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