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1 definition by lalalala3

The southern and better part of New Jersey. Philadelphia is our city - we love our Phillies & Eagles (no matter how many times they let us down) and life without a WaWa is non-existant. Although many people out of state and/or country think we have a Philly/New York dialect (the Jersey Shore Cast), NONE of us talk like that down here. Maybe some up in NORTH jersey, but it's better down here, trust me. We don't even have what some of you people call a "South Jersey "accent - that just sounds weird and it's not even real..the person who made that up must've been talking to someone obviously not from around South Jersey and decided to call it a "South Jersey" accent. Anyway, most of us are friendly down here. We have the best of both worlds...lots of big cities and some country side, unlike North Jersey, all factories & smelly. We have fresh air to breathe. In the summer, we all go to the beaches.. the real Jersey Shores (Sea Isle, Ocean City, Wildwood, Cape May, Stone Harbor, Avalon, etc.) . You can go on rides, go on the boardwalk, and enjoy the fresh ocean air. Even though South Jersey is the better half on NJ, nobody likes it. Ask anyone and the only reason they are probably staying in New Jersey is because of the beaches. We know everyone hates it, but hey, someone's gotta live here.
" Hey Bill, ever been to South Jersey?"

"Yeah man, it beats North Jersey by far. You can actually breathe down there. And the beaches rock."

"Whatever dude."
by lalalala3 August 16, 2011
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