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Being asked to do something at work that is way above and beyond the pittance that you actually get paid. Can also be used in everyday situations when one is asked to do something that will inconvenience their everyday life.
Example 1

Boss: Alice, I need you to give me the calculations on those reports by close of play today!

*Blank stare from Alice*

Boss: Well don't just look at me...get started!

Alice: Dude, I'm just the secretary. Doing detailed reports is way above my paygrade.

*Boss mumbles curses*

Boss: Fine then! I'll get Smithers to do it...

Example 2

Chick 1: So did you hook up with Scotty in the end?

Chick 2: Nah, I found out that he was two-timing me so I bailed out...

Chick 1: That's a shame dude...but why didn't you fight for your man? I would have if it was me...

Chick 2: Sorry but fighting over a loser is way above my paygrade.

Chick 1: True..true...
#asking #for #too #much #i #don't #get #paid #enough #slave #labor #work #taking #advantage
by lady lynxx April 01, 2009
Fake 'sick days' that people take off work that are actually called 'hate days'
i.e. employees that hate their job/company so much that they fake sick days
Example of a post hate day convo in the morning...

Employee 1: yo dude, you've been off for ages...where you been?

Employee 2: well you know, i had a few HATE days comin....i got most of the rage out of me now i think...

Employee 1: yeah i think i've got a few comin my way too....i'm overdue a coupla HATE days...

Manager : Hey! employees 1 & 2, i've clocked you coming in exactly 2.3 seconds late through the door - how are you going to make up that time?

Employee 2: Damn i feel another few HATE days comin on.....i might have to take a half a HATE day today yo...

Employee 1: i'm with you on that one....
#i #hate #my #job #fake #sick #days #off #work
by lady lynxx March 25, 2009
Is a fake form of bravery to cover up the fact that you are in fact really scurred. Usually shouted out to make it sound authentic.

Popularized by the song of the same title by Bonecrusher in 2003
Dude 1: So are we gonna jack this Bentley coup or not? Don't tell me that you gone yella on me!

Dude 2: Na bro! I ain't never scurred!

Dude 1: Aight, let's do this
#chickenshit #scurred #yella #fake #brave #but #stoopid
by lady lynxx April 14, 2009
Basically a euphuism for semen.
*Two dudes are chillin in a bar and sippin on some brewskis*

Dude 1: Who were you talking to just now...wasn't that Isabelle?

Dude 2: Yeah it was Isabelle the hot French chick

Dude 1: Woah dude...she's really hot!

Dude 2: That she is. You know what would make her even hotter?

Dude 1: What?

Dude 2: My daddy cream all over her face....ha ha!

Dude 1: Damn dude...you can be such a mofo sometimes. But on some real talk I'd do it too if she let me!

*Both continue to sip beer and check out the chicks*
#semen #love juice #daddy #creamed #facials
by lady lynxx April 01, 2009
Used to describe the last day of the working week when members of an office bring in sweet sugary buns, doughnuts, cakes and pastries for everyone else to binge on. The Starbucks Cinnamon bun is a good Fun Bun Friday staple as is the Krispy Kreme dozen donut box.
Secretary 1: Sandy, what day is it today?

Secretary 2: It's Wednesday dude...

Secretary 1: Damn...still two days left until Fun Bun Friday!

Secretary 2: Don't remind me! In fact I feel like a fun bun right now...

Secretary 1: F**k it. Let's go to Starbies!

Secretary 2: Cool...let's roll!

#fun #food #carbs #f**k the diet #icing #sugar #yum yum #cake
by lady lynxx April 09, 2009
A nicer word for the common recreational yet illegal drug cocaine.
Employee 1: Omg look at Katie. That woman is amazing..she worked 80 hours last week and still comes into work every morning so full of energy. I mean look at her, she's buzzing around the office like a little bee!

Employee 2: Oh I guess you don't know about Katie's little problem do you?

Employee 1: What problem?

Employee 2: She's just just high on the happy dust that's all. Katie is looking to get a promotion and is gonna do almost anything to get it!

Employee 1: Dang...and I thought she was just that brilliant! Now I feel like an idiot...

Employee 2: Sorry hun, that's the happy dust for ya!
#illegal #substance #china #white #cocaine #drugs #bad #high #energy #awake
by lady lynxx April 01, 2009
A lighter meaning of wrong used amongst good friends to express distaste or your fellow's wrongdoing.

Example of its usage (thx Alice!): Your bff busts an eye watering fart and you respond by laughing and saying... 'dude...wrong-o!'
#wrong #bad #smelly #discomfort #stupid #funnydumb
by Lady Lynxx April 15, 2008
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