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2 definitions by ladragnfly

An old beat up car whose only asset is a set of rims that are way to big for the car. Most cars like it would have been crushed into cubes at this point.
Damn did you see that ghetto sled over there? It has so many rust holes it looks like it was in a driveby, but those 2,000 dollar rims sure are sharp.
by ladragnfly November 23, 2007
A woman who has shaved off all her armpit and pubic hair.

A person who refuses to stand up for themself or is afraid of confrontation.
After removing all her pubic and under arm hair with her venus razor Mary declared herself to be "A hairless gerbil".

Patrick sat cowering in the corner like a hairless gerbil after being yelled at about leaving his dirty dishes in his room.
by ladragnfly October 28, 2007