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East of Scotland.

Means excessively ugly.
"You're pure haufin', pal!"
by l October 20, 2004
Destroyed, broken beyond repair, damaged beyond all possible belief
Gareth's brother smacked the Golf up yesterday, the car's totally chiltzed.
by L September 21, 2003
betta than the greetings my nigga
peace mynuh wassup?

mynuh alright I'm out
by L April 05, 2005
lydy is a term for a special person, or one who knows all.

Also one who takes up 80cm of desk space with her elbows
omg, you are such a lydy!
by l January 25, 2005
Slang for the hand/parking/emergency brake on a car
He whipped up the bar and spun the fucking thing like a top
by L September 21, 2003
a guy who has spent eight years in banking
i would like to do 200k
can you do my 200k
have you done my 200k
did you confirm my 200k

euh can i cancel my 200k
by l August 05, 2004
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