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It's the tonsil hockey smilie.
lillyann: swap spit?
m1k39876: :P0:
by L@lal@ March 15, 2009
Days where woman can gain 5 pounds and not worry - at least, for a week.

These days are

Superbowl (must be watching for this to be acceptable)
Easter Sunday Brunch
Man, what a pig-out yesterday. Thank god it was Woman's 5-Pound Holiday, or I'd be in trouble!
by l@lal@ May 07, 2009
Praying or big nose smilie.
by l@lal@ March 15, 2009
On a social network site, friend requesting random people is pulling a Tom. Comes from Tom on MySpace, who is your first friend.

(Is often a person with no real friend.)
Ali: Woah, did you see Mark's frriend list? He has over 670 friends!

Denise: Yeah, he sure as hell knows how to pull a Tom.
by L@lal@ March 22, 2009
A great artist. There's a lot more to her than kissing girls and calling an ex gay. The people who are bashing her must not have heard her actual CD.
I like the songs "One of the Boys", "Fingerprints", and "Waking Up In Vegas", all by Katy Perry.
by l@lal@ May 22, 2009

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