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(v.) To royally fuck over a former employer, lover or friend.
Brad: Dude, you coming on the camping trip this weekend?
Dan: No man, I can't make it.
Brad: Dude, don't Lebron us, asshole.

Kyle: Yea I started fucking my ex-girlfriend's sorority sister to get back at her.
Rob: Dude, that's straight up LeBron.
by kyleatx July 09, 2010
Hipster tits are possessed by supposed indie-music, local-establishment loving girls. They are usually a high A to low B in terms of cup size.

It also allows them to wear deep vee-neck t-shirts.
Keira Knightley has hipster tits.
by kyleatx December 06, 2010
Mexicans, by way of being Catholic, are not allowed to use birth control methods.

Instead, their birth control consists of pulling out before the point of conception.

See example.
Guy: Oh shit, we can't hook up I don't have a condom
Girl: We can just use Mexican birth control
Guy: Fuck yea, thanks Mexico
by kyleatx December 11, 2010

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