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pumped is a feeling of total excitment also known as pshyed,amped,rush,
i was so pumped to go on the ride i forgot my ticket
by kyle coleman August 24, 2004
a cool or awsome trick or just something really cool looking
that fall was really sick
by kyle coleman August 24, 2004
the penis is often refered to as a member, stick , twig, shaft, mule,johnson, snake, ect. it is also often given pet names usually by its owner or the female/male using it. some pet name include SGT, the hulk, little jimmie, the general, and bob just to name a few. the list goes on and on.
i named my shaft the general but my gilfriend likes to call it her pleasure stick.
by kyle coleman August 24, 2004
relentless hunger.often Accompanied with smokeing marijuana or as it often refered to as weed
i got a mojor case of the munchiees lets go to mac donalds
by kyle coleman August 24, 2004
A perso nlacking morals and the capacity to think logically. likes to show off for the ladies by picking on ohter people he knows he can beat up or just people in general. likes to make rude comments to start fights.
the hard ass in the bar was a total fucker
by kyle coleman August 24, 2004

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