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Pretty much what the big guys use for music production. It is not just for some dinky music producer in their own bedroom, it is for the big guys for the major labels out there. If you want to mess around, get a bootleg copy or fork in $50 of FL Studio and play around with it. Very expensive to buy...home studios are not worth it with at least $300 for the set...you can buy a FL Studio set for that worth. All you need is a keyboard, a usb, and maybe a few vsts downloaded from the internet.
Pro Tools is FL Studio on jolt
by Kyle 230 May 11, 2010
Darked hair more "hardcore" version of Aly & AJ. They sound a lot like Aly & AJ and are basically the same thing.
Jared: Hey are listening to Aly & AJ.
Christine: OMG, they are The Veronicas. They are sooo hardcore and they know how to rock on!
Jared: Dude, they sound just like that Aly & AJ CD I burned up lately.
by Kyle 230 June 12, 2010
A kid who is in high school. Some of them act pretty mature for their age and have adult like values, while others are immature little twats that think they know everything and basically still sitting in front of Spongebob.

There are two types of teenagers:

The civilized teenager: Usually dresses in Wal Mart or department store clothes like Hollister or Aero, listens to music off the radio, watches TV like adults, is in sports or other activities, pretty bright,has a job, dates for the occaison, has some type of religion in them or part of youth group, college bound, on Facebook, gets good grades and pretty much has head screwed on.

The rebellious teenager:

Doesn't like the gooey junk that civilized teenagers like, gets in to drugs, drinking, porn, usually shops at Hot Topics, involved in gangs, raps or is in a band, wears god awful goddy looking clothes, likes action movies and anime, generally doesn't gets good grades, has been to concerts and not the Lil Wayne-Rihanna concert or Taylor Swift, works to stay out of trouble, been in jail, reckless driver, starts fights and arguments, opinionated.

The immature ones: These dorky kids that are not in any activities, waste their time playing videos games and watching Spongebob, likes doing random stupid stuff,not afraid to express opinion, doesn't wash and loves DRESS UP DAYs to fit in. Spends a lot of time on the TV as mentioned.
Hilary is your goody goody civilized teenager, she is on the basketball, volleyball team, in choir, youth group and got this scholarship for Harvard for some Philosophy Major.

Brandon is your rebellious teenager....he has is own band and he knows how to ROCK

Jeremey likes Spongebob...WEEE. Dorky immature teenager.
by Kyle 230 January 17, 2010
This overrated bunch of kids that are still are "kids" when they are the age of 30. They never seem to grow up. I seen these idiots dressing like they are still in high school, and having kids on their own. They'll probably be the worst parents ever.

These kids were raised in a day care all their life, and they assume that society should be run like a day care, as in having the government take care of them so they can run around and screw other girls. They are at the age of 30 and still love to play World of Warcraft; get a life. They are immature, have no life, have big mouths, dress like idiots (I seen these 30 year olds dressing like a gangsta at Wal Mart while having 2 kids), but they think their shit don't stink. They believe in outdated ideas such as the legalization of weed and vote for some dumbshit because he is "like so gangsta yo and he is the first black president...he is more RUSSIAN." They also claim good music has to be "organic", without this computerized bullshit. We are in the 21st century you hippies.
Generation Y are just dumbed down Boomers.
by Kyle 230 November 09, 2010
An excellent R&B-hip-hop station that was played on XM before some dumbass had gotten rid of that station when they merged with Sirius. Now I have to listen to this half fast crappy hip-hop nation that plays just rap and not a mix of music. I do get sick of rap all the time and playing a crunk jam along with some song by Lupe Fiasco is not going to give me that variety. I want hip-hop with some R&B - a real hip-hop with R&B, not the melodic hip-hop junk they found on the Heat that is only liked by 15-25 year old women.
Bring back The City, bitch
by Kyle 230 December 25, 2009
An annoying R&B singer that sings about the same stuff in his songs and they all sound the same. His voice sounds like some weird mouse and he teams up with Mariah, which should be done completely by Mariah Carey.

But he has some catchy song though.

And he always begins his song with Radio Killa.
The dream sucks at first but he grows on you.
by Kyle 230 July 27, 2009
A skit comedy variety show that features the ventrilogists and makes fun of American society and pop culture. Usually uses the "about right" humor and make fun of stuff such as gays, old people, rap music, gangstas, dumb redneck, and other subcultures. Pretty fun shit and usually has a lot of sexual slurs...which comedy show doesn't have on these day
You are watching the Jeff Dunham Show...
Achmed...I'll Kill You!!
by Kyle 230 November 27, 2009
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