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These animated cartoons that come on Fox every Sunday night unless there is a football game or the World Series or something that share the same plot. Usually about some dysfunctional family with a drunken risk taker dad, a stuck with the problems sane housewife mom, a bratty deliquent kid, an overachiever nerdy kid, and some type of smartass talking pet. Includes shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and of course, the start of it all, The Simpsons.
Family Guy is true Foximation.
by Kyle 230 February 01, 2010
This is what facebook turns into when you are only on there for farmville.
Lets go on farmbook.
by Kyle 230 January 25, 2010
A more expensive, but worth the money alternative to a college dorm room. You usually get more decent roommates, you actually have separate bedrooms, but you still have to suffer with eating frat food such as ramen noodles and share each other messy bathrooms. But at least you have more privacy so you can study or do your thing. The dorm has very little privacy. Usually found around community/technical college and smaller 4 year colleges.
Fuck the dorm, I am splurging and renting an college apartment
by Kyle 230 August 02, 2009
A combination of scene kid and ghetto/ gangsta. Most likely the black person who is trying to be scene and is not really making it. Usually wears bright colored ghetto hoodied, bright colored hats, Bape hoodies, sweat pants, bright colored sunglasses, and Converse shoes. Usually listens to half rap-R&B like Lil Wayne and T-pain, and maybe stuff like 3!oh3
Lil Wayne is a model for scenetto kids out there.
by Kyle 230 December 26, 2009
Rap that has heavy bass that is used for pump up music before a big football game or basketball game. Usually has inspirational lyrics or adraneline rising gangsta rap.

Think like Trick Daddy, 50 Cent, Nelly, Youngbloodz, etc.
Heart of a Champion is a good jock rap song.
by Kyle 230 December 07, 2009
Pretty much classes that you take in high school or college that are totally useless in the real world, but the professors claim that you cannot survive without knowing about worthless garbage such as how to calculate functions and matrixes. Where wil you use this to figure out how much gas to put in your car. Don't need no function. Just find a cheap gas station, which is hard to find, and fill that shit up and pay the bill. Who needs functions and polynomials.
Algebra II - who needs that shit. Bunch of fluff
by Kyle 230 May 15, 2010
These sappy romance movies that usually involved some romantic affair with some half faggy looking guy with an aristocratic family. Usually takes place around the 1910s Victorian era and has women wearing bonnets, horses and buggies. It is usually shown on TCM or Lifetime and it thinks it has some historical value to it, but it more of another movie for women to rise their estrogen when they are having PMS. It's a movie that guys are sometimes dragged to when they are on a date.
Gone With The Wind is the classic example of a bonnet movie
by Kyle 230 October 04, 2010

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