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A quick way to sneak your porn. The small screen could be hidden in your hand and you'll look like you have been listening to music.
I am watching Test Drive on my ipod video and my girlfriend doesn't even know it
by Kyle 230 December 15, 2009
A crappy presidential candidate that will be as destructive as Obama and Bush combined, even worst. Sarah Palin wants ethics reforms, which means we will be stuck in the dark ages of the afraid of getting nuked by Russians early 1950s with conservative values. We will be taught exclusively creationism and the Sun revolved around the Earth and Latin should be taught in schools. Any modern Rennaissance, industrial, and technological revolution thing will be scrapped. She will also probably censor the shit out of the TV and the internet, so sites such as Urban Dictionary will not exist because of it's immoral sexual va

She will drill for oil...good, but it might not give a right for these annoying varmits to live, but it might make the gas prices down to 89 cents a gallon. Nice. With her major belief in religion, she will think that the Russians are trying to merge with Iran and that crap and we need some more troops, which is wasteful spending on blowing up shit when you feel like it. She will think Solomons temple willl have the be rebuilt and we will be screwed.
Sarah Palin will bring us back to church owned government of the dark ages.
by Kyle 230 January 19, 2010
A TV channel for high school and college loners that like to get their battery charged with a little softcore porn and maybe some random anime thing or Ninja Warrior. The kid usually grows up to be an IT professional or video game designer, or works at McDonalds and goes on MySpace to get money by taking surveys. They are usually about 30 til they get married and never have kids.
Bob: I can't get Playboy TV
Bill: Check out G4TV...basically it has the same stuff
by Kyle 230 August 09, 2009
Just the old school MySpace all over again. All the freaks just moved to Facebook. Even Tom is watching (Mark Zuckerberg claims he runs the site, but for all practical purposes it is Tom) you on Facebook and he probably has more Facebook friends than MySpace friends. Back then, MySpace used to be the "bad" site and Facebook was the "good" site. Then it flipped all over. Right now on Facebook you just see a bunch of annoying 14 -18 year old emo/gangsta girls whining about how their life sucks and whoring themselve to get more likes, because they want people to pay attention to them. It is also cool to be bisexual on there too and to be Engaged to your best friend and have your brothas your actual brothas. And don't forget these pedophiles on there that claim you are your parents so they can stalk and rape these 14-18 year old emo girls. They think they are using it for "work connections" but they are more being pedophiles.
Facebook turning into MySpace every day.
by Kyle 230 August 16, 2010
A new form of television that is way better and way more up to date than standard television. Instead of paying $100 for a cable package for nothing that is worth watching, try paying 49.99 a month for some high speed local broadband and you will get worth the money. Probably will replace standard cable and will be part of our TV's. You will get any show out there...you can watch Beavis and Butthead at 2 in the morning. Most of it's free and you don't have to pay premium service for quality porn.
I am watching Spongebob at 4 am with my new awesome internet TV.
by Kyle 230 February 09, 2010
Pop music with hip-hop influences in it. Enough said. Very common around 2006 and played at "school dances".
Hip-pop: Think of artists such as Akon, Soulja Boy, T-Pain, the Dream, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, Pussycat Dolls
by Kyle 230 November 11, 2009
A more expensive, but worth the money alternative to a college dorm room. You usually get more decent roommates, you actually have separate bedrooms, but you still have to suffer with eating frat food such as ramen noodles and share each other messy bathrooms. But at least you have more privacy so you can study or do your thing. The dorm has very little privacy. Usually found around community/technical college and smaller 4 year colleges.
Fuck the dorm, I am splurging and renting an college apartment
by Kyle 230 August 02, 2009

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