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A chant made by the HIV+ characters during "Life Support" in the Musical Rent. This cry means to live each day as if it were your last. Most of the characters that come across this song do not have much time to live, so the only thing they can do is (not jump over the moon you rentheads) live each day one at a time, and never look back. Used in "Life Support", "Another Day", misc. exerpts in the musical, and "Finale B".
"I live each moment as my last
There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss
No other road,
No other way
No day but today."
-Another Day, sung by Mimi Marquez.
by kydie November 26, 2005
A classic pairing within the Harry Potter fanfiction world. This is a shortened term for Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy. This is put in the story's summary to indicate that the characters come into a romantic situation together. This is a very popular pairing in fanfictions because of the angst and hatred that builds up between them. It makes for a very good plot and WAS very original way back when people were only up to the second book.
Story Summary Example:

"Defying Daddy": Draco doesn't know what to do with his new feelings and urges. He doesn't know what to say to a ready and willing Harry Potter when he asks him for more than a kiss...HP/DM
by kydie November 27, 2005
An exclamation used in any sorts. Mostly used as an interjection. Used mostly in an excited or sour tone.
Pshh! That boy is finee!

Pshh, he's no catch.

Pshh, I've got better things to do.

Pshh! You guys are all so loud!
by kydie November 26, 2005
Possibly the worst Harry Potter couple made in the history of fanfiction. HP/RW is short for Harry Potter / Ron Weasley. This is put in the story's summary to indicate that the characters come into a romantic situation together. Authors often use the excuse that these two characters "are such good friends that they should end up together". What ever tickles your fancy, I say.
Story Summary Example:

"Those Green Eyes": Young Ronald Weasley has wanted something his whole life, and finally this summer vacation he is going to get it. It all starts when Harry comes for a late night visit...HP/RW
by kydie November 27, 2005
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