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chatter boxxer happens when your on a social network and your talking with a mate on chat.....you always end up chatter boxxing if your a pain in the ass like me cause you can both cut in on each other..... sometimes it gets that bad that one of you (never me!) just bows out and can't keep up with the converstion, or you become overcome by all the beeps made by the enter button....i have just sat there before and hit the enter button just to piss off my mate....therefor i started calling myself a chatter boxxer ... chatter boxxer is a great way to knock the chatter out of one of your mates...it's great fun! shit... i just thought that this could be known as cluster fucking as well....got to love a good cluster fuck...i do a bit of that too... the chatter boxxer cluster fucker....that's me...and hey, i like it! bring it on bitches
i was talking to my mate on a social network the other night and the prick started to annoy me so i just turned into a freakin chatter boxxer and floored him in no time with a bit of hard core chatter boxxing.

my friends won't talk to me on chat anymore cause i just chatter boxxer the living daylights outta them.

why do you have to be such a god damn chatter boxxer?

fuck i love doing the chatter boxxer on my mates, they can't keep up for shit!

i am the best chatter boxxer known to man!
by kwu2 February 22, 2011
a chatter boxxer cluster fucker is just that! someone who just doesn't stop pressing the enter button on chat in social networking, and cluster fucker the whole situation. I am pretty good at this...on purpose...just to piss off friends for the hell of it. i am doing it too urban dictionary at the moment.....they can't keep up for shit!
i am the chatter boxxer cluster fucker of all chatter boxxer cluster fuckers!
by kwu2 February 22, 2011

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