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The status achieved when a student at Utah State University sits on the bronze "Meet The Challenge" bull naked.
Guy: My girlfriend sat on the bronze bull naked!

Other guy: Dude! She's an Ultimate Aggie!
by kut17 October 19, 2010
A computer software program that will correct minor imperfections in a person's singing pitch. Contrary to popular belief, Auto-Tune does not make terrible singers into great singers. Auto-Tune simply snaps an out of pitch note to the closest semitone (meaning if the singer is completely out of key, Auto-Tune can actually make them sound worse by snapping the pitch of their voice to the wrong semitone).
1st guy: Pop music sucks. All it is is talentless nobodies that use Auto-Tune to make them sound good.

2nd guy: Idiot. Shows how much you know. Auto-Tune isn't the miracle worker people think it is.
by kut17 April 26, 2011

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