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2 definitions by kushtoking

1)balling off other people,2)balling on credit, 3)rolling around in a nice car, nice clothes,nice shoes without one cent in your pocket for gas,food,etc. so your ballin but your broke.
1)Im broke ballin on these fiends giving me their money to recope some dope to get me back in the game.2)That fool aint boss ballin hes broke ballin his shit aint paid for still got a credit note every month.3)Yeah you look good broke ballin but how are going to take me out to eat without gas or money?
by kushtoking September 13, 2008
the study of smoke to see the different properties in it such as density, color, taste, smell, etc. to determine qaulity for smoking. good to know so you dont get bad smoke go up in your lungs.
Man this shit dont smoke right its all cut up im going to have to teach you some smokeology so you dont bring this shit again. are you trying to kill me?
by kushtoking September 07, 2008