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A city in Georgia, USA, where public hangouts are limited to a mall, walmart, a venue for local bands, a few parks, and people's houses. The residents are pretty kick-ass if you ignore the 90% population of rednecks and whiggers. Some of the most unique and interesting teenagers currently/recently reside(d) in this place. Many of the redneck citizens of this town spend every afternoon and weekend muddin' or drinking at a bonfire. Others spend time doing whatever the f* they can think of to do while hanging out with their awesome friends.

Also known as D'ville
"everyone i love lives in douglasville"

"D'ville kicks ass"

"there's nothing to do in douglasville except get drunk/stoned and ride around"
by kuruteru October 07, 2008
(pronounced: apple spaz tick)

adj. describes a very positive thing or situation such as having free tickets to a theme park.

synonyms - awesometastic, superbalicious, amazidazzeling
that pizza was applespastic!
by kuruteru October 07, 2008

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