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An underground SoCal paintball team which was founded circa 2001, at Foothill High School, in Santa Ana, CA. The team only having three members for two or so years, would pick up random players to aid in the teams success. The team eventually grew to include a total of 6 official players. Many paintballers who play with the Prima donnaS are not officially on the team.
*Before becoming the "Prima donnaS" the team was named "The Rat Pack" and "The Mob" until a member over heard a conversation about "Pre-Madonna." After consulting the other team members, the name was switched and a new spelling of the word was set in. The end result being "Prima donnaS." When referred to as “PS” or “PS Army” the question as to why the “S” and not the “D” in “donnas” is capitalized, is because when coming up with a logo for the team, the members decided to make the logo with a big “P” and “S” making the logo stand out.
*The team eventually branched out of paintball and into the airsoft world. There, they were an even stronger force to contend with.
*Airsoft teams from practically every school in the Tustin Unified School District have challenged the Prima donnaS, and have yet to be successful in defeating them in as many games as the Prima donnaS have defeated their challengers.
*One such case is, during the Sector 9 (Hewes) vs. Prima donnaS (Foothill) match, the Prima donnaS successfully defeated Sector 9 twenty consecutive times, only loosing one match all day. The Prima donnaS played a 4 on 6 game format.
(Prima donnaS = 4 Sector 9 = 6)
*The Prima donnaS had a dry spell during 2003-2004, not playing much paintball or airsoft, if any. This is considered to be the period where the Prima donnaS evolved into more of a club, than a team. One can be a Prima donnA, and not have any affiliation with paintball or airsoft, yet have an affiliation with its members. The members of the team also incorporate their winning, cocky, fashionable, arrogant, extraverted and fun sportsmanship, and attitudes, in pretty much everything they do, i.e. school, jobs, other sports, grocery shopping, etc.
*In 2005, one of the founders of the Prima donnaS, went on to create a team of lesser skill, but of the same drive, devotion, and lust of winning that the original team had. The Prima donnaS Army was born, and it opened up a gateway for any and all players to gain experience and play with the Prima donnaS, just not on the official team. It is rumored that the PS Army would only allow sXe (straight edge) lifestyle people to play for the team, but was eventually nixed in lieu of a team for everyone to partake in. It is also said that anyone who plays ball (paintball or airsoft) with the Prima donnaS or its Army is automatically on the Prima donnaS Army.
*The process to get in isn’t an easy one, and players do not try out in the normal fashion. There is much secrecy evolving around the team, as and how the members pick outsiders to join them. One can only be accepted on the team by referral from a member or Prima donnaS Army member.
*Being part of the Prima donnaS is like being part of the Mafia. Once you're in, you pretty much stay in, and are well taken care of. Everyone on the team is like family and takes care of and supports one another like family. One of their (many) mottos is, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back."
*The Prima donnaS are agg, and would like to keep it that way. The team is not corporate, and is more so based along the lines of having fun and winning, because “you have fun when you win, not when you loose.” –Prima donnaS
The Prima donnaS have their own custom design team which will agg out any thing they can get their hands on. Most notably, the “Green Goblin” and “El Diablo” desert eagle airsoft guns. More of the Prima donnaS custom gear can be seen at groups.myspace.com/primadonnasarmy .
*The Prima donnaS videos feature as of yet, only airsoft footage/ownage. The new videos will include airsoft, paintball, and leisure time with the PS Army. “Prima donnas: Orange County Hardcore” is due to be released sometime during summer 2006, with a maximum wait time for release being Christmas 2006.
*All further questions might be answered at their myspace.com group website.

Viva la Prima donnaS!

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!"

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back!"

Aside: "Those Prima donnaS are good!"
"Uhh, we need to switch the teams up!"

"You have fun when you win, not when you loose."

by kurtz0r May 10, 2006

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