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Things just kept going downhill. The 150 karma requirement made the forbidden fruit known as LUE more alluring than ever. Mods began failing on the job of keeping the fad topics under control. Soon other annoying things spawned as well, such as:

* Horribly overusing catch phrases (always been a problem, but by now, it was worse than ever before!)
* Trying to beat record time for reaching 500 in a topic (I believe it was on SterLUEization night that this happened, in fact!)
* Trying to break records for highest number of posts or topics ever had on LUE
* Making stupid, pointless topics such as 'poopies, discuss'
* Posting ASCII outside of designated ASCII topics
* Making really stupid joke topics that look serious at first glance, or posting (serious), then containing a joke post inside

And then... the innevitable happened...
Y2k posted JustShana's live journal. Shana was a girl who had committed suicide a few months earlier (apparently by jumping off a tall building) Her parents kept her journal open to write poetry and reflect on their daughter's life with her friends and family. Much to Y2k's amusement, LUEsers started posting things on Shana's journal.

"I'm very sorry..."
"She bought an N-Gage, didn't she?"
"Timmy, you're permanently expelled!"

Then, much to Y2k's dismay, people began posting horrible things.

"Stop wasting your sympathy and compassion on that little attention whore"

"In Soviet Russia, building jumps off you!"

"I had sex with your daughter's corpse. I'm very sorry."

"Y helo thar necrophiliac buttseks, LOL LOL LOL!!"

"You weren't very good parents if you couldn't even keep your daughter from committing suicide..."

"Family: what happen?
Cop: Shana set herself up the Bomb.
LiveJournal: we get signal.
Family: Its you!!
Satan: How are you gentleman? all your Shana are belong to wang.
Family: What you say?!
Satan: You have no chance to avoid suicide make your time.
LUE: Hahaha."

*Insert pictures of Goatse, Tubgirl, Harlequin Fetus, and the Pain series*

Talk of Y2k's topic spread to other social boards.People reported the incident on the MBH board. Non-LUEsers wanted LUE to be removed from Gamefaq's for the incident forever, while LUEsers wanted everyone who posted messed up stuff on the Live Journal to be KOSed. Ceej came on a few hours later and placed everyone who posted messed up stuff in purgatory. (this left over 20 people in Purgatory) He then made a bolded topic on LUE saying that LUE had been sterilized. That is, nobody with a user ID higher than 888113 would ever be able to access LUE. He knew it would probably take awhile for the effects to be felt.

He was right. 2 weeks later, several LUEsers invaded the Kidzworld board, and posted many offensive messages, particularly pedophilia-related ones, and made accounts such as 'boytouch' 'Michael Jackson', etc. Ceej deleted the Kidzworld topic and purgatoried every Gamefaq's user who posted at Kidzworld. Well over 30 people were purgatoried.

Just an hour or so after Ceej announced SteriLUEzation, LUEsers found user #888113. His name was LunarHawk99. Immediately, he started getting harassed by hordes of LUEsers who followed him everywhere he posted, saying things like "OMG, it's teh one!!!11!" and "you are God". Reports days later suggested that Lunarhawk99 gave his account away to someone else, as he had no interest in LUE, or the amount of attention he was getting. Indeed, LunarHawk99's personality seemed to change a week or so later, and he seemed to suddenly enjoy the attention he was getting, though he still hated LUE. On the other hand, other conflicting reports suggest that he is still the same person, so perhaps it simply took a week or so for him to accept the new, undeserved fame...

A few days after the LJ incident, Jimmy makes a topic about how he fears his dad will get in trouble at work. Why? Because Jimmy was looking at porn on his dad's comp, and had a porn folder on the HD. Jimmy was 15, as were the girls in the porn he downloaded. Jimmy also foolishly gave away the personal information of where his dad worked. (address, zip code, everything) That was when a user name Arcon (rumored to be Silver Moraine) decided to call the authorities and tell them that Jimmy's dad had kiddie porn his comp at work. This caused the whole of LUE to hate Arcon with a passion. Not only did LUE fill with "I hate Arcon" topics, but the MBH also got several complaints about him. I have no idea what the outcome of his dad was, however, as I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the whole Jimmy/Arcon thing.

A month or so after the Kidzworld thing, Cadamori informed LUE about an XBox live chat. As one could guess, this was a recipe for disaster. Hundreds of LUEsers began to prank-Post on the XBox support chat. Several other topics were made. A few days later, Ceej and the mods cracked down, and anyone who made an XBox support invasion topic was thrown into purgatory. By the time Cadamori's topic was deleted, it had over 300 posts, and the second one (posted by either Kroboz or PSXOnline, I don't remember which) reached well over 100 posts. Most of the others reached over 60.

On December the 30th, news leaked of a new TOS which would basically put LUE out of comission permanently, with a strict anti-offensive posting rule. These rules will be implemented on January the 5th....
CJayC apparently believed that LUE simply wasn't dying fast enough.
Upon hearing of this, a group of LUEsers and Gamefaq's users invaded YM and a LiveJournal, posting various pics of the Unholy Trinity and the Pains. Various other Live Journals were also invaded just before this, but most believe this to be a framing by a group of formerly KOSed and LUEicided users, whom it is rumored to include BigRedMachine and TRC. This group despises Gamefaq's and CJayC, and is well known for using terms like "CGayC" as well as various other insults to Ceej and Shadowtak.Grimslim retreated from LUE after hearing about the new TOS, and I myself nearly left.

As of yet, however, the New TOS has not been implemented...
wtf? you want an example?
by kurrem December 22, 2004

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