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When a girls giving you head, and she deepthroats your dick so far that your balls are up against her chin (or if she's upside down, against her nose)
Oh man! I had Rebecca balls deep in cock last night!
by ksisk March 04, 2008
The best type of transportation to make a Danks-run.
Person 1: We making a Danks-run tonight?
Person 2: Ya bro, and I just filled the Jimmy Z up with gas.
by ksisk March 05, 2008
A "Danks-run" is something that takes place usually when you're hanging with the bros on the weekend, and you're in a need of some eats. It's usually a spur of the moment kinda thing.

Danks = McDonalds
Person 1: Oh man, I'm starving..
Person 2: Danks-run!
Person 3: Yey yey!
Person 1: You know it!
by ksisk March 05, 2008
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