19 definitions by krystle

its all under control, there is absoulutely nothing to worry about
boss: have u done those reports for me?
you: dont worry, im all over it
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003
something that is really bad, and occasionally bordering on pathetic
that haircut is really tragic *OR*
its just really tragic how he wont leave u alone after u dumped him
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003
The most sweetest and fun loving guy that one could meet.Great to hang with and great to be mates with!He will always ROCK MY WORLD!!!!
Bryn will you go out with me??
by Krystle March 01, 2005
in the way style of; emulate
"he raps eminem styles"
he raps just like eminem
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003
my dog and a famous dinosour hunter
turoc was one crazy ass dino hunter.
by krystle March 18, 2004
pop-style punk that talks about death, and cutting off appendages.
Alkaline Trio is morbid punk.
by Krystle August 01, 2003
1. to become hard; when a man gets sexually aroused.
When the girl sat on my lap I was vitrified.
by krystle August 01, 2003

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