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2.the reason for the very things they are against. like welfare.

the standard logic function of an average republican is that of an us vs.them mentality. inciting disregard for individuals that do not resemble their 'communal' demographic(white, christian, straight, rich). hence the inevitiable relation to communism.
dumbfucktarpulican: i vote republican because not everyone can be on welfare.

Me: you ARE the reason for welfare, jackass.
by krystalxlyte March 23, 2009
though the entire republican party hates his very existance, ole joe the plumber is tricked into expecting tax cuts and a fair share of healthcare benifits to be handed from the very party that hates hard workers and/with sensible values. kinda like you and me.
hi my name is ella may, Im joe the plumbers ex wife i had to get rid of him cause mccains lyin old ass drove him ta start drankin again we didnt get no health care pension or tax cuts nowhere so joe just started back ta drankin gettin depressed and whoopin my ass again an takin my wal mart check to spend it at titty bars an lotto tickets
by krystalxlyte October 19, 2008

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