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the involuntary act of shitting which usually leaves your asshole burning. this is when you have a case of the runs, and you finally make it to the toilet and your gut involuntaryly sucks in and the shit squirts out automaticly. Jus like puking but out the other end. the only difference is that u cant use your finger to induce this kind of throwing up!
man 1: Damn man that didnt take long!
man 2: Yeah I know...thats cause ma asshole is throwing up.
by kristyrose2727 May 07, 2007
When you poop a turd thats so heavy when it hits the toilet water spashes back on your booty. Nobody usually tells others when this has happen...especially females!

Can also mean an abnormally large turd. The kind that you make ugly faces trying to get it out...This usually happens when you've been constipated for a few days.
Man I shit a brick last nite...I'm still hurtin'!
by kristyrose2727 May 06, 2007

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