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Seemingly a major problem for "gangsta" hip-hop stars and drop-out morons. The result of sudden extreme changes in temperature, causing rupture of household plumbing. Often occuring during late winter and early spring, leading to domestic flooding and a fight with the insurance company.
Ja rule: "Ya bitch, ya forgot to lag the muvvafuka, now ya got a crack pipe."
by Kristofa January 31, 2005
1. (noun) A young child, dressed to impress.

2. exclamation, similar to cunty bollocks.
1. Hey son, why are you wearing those leather trousers, you're right nonce fodder you.

2. Oh nonce fodder
by Kristofa January 31, 2005
British slang

Originating from Jools Holland's 2003 New Year's Hootenanny show, when just as faithful, ol' Big Ben strikes the jubilant 12, Jools runs gleefully into the crowd, straight past the attempted embrace of Rivron. This leaves Rivron clutching only air. As the rest of the audience dance and sing auld lang syne, Rivron is left sporting a look of desparation as his only true friend leaves him high and dry at the start of another year presenting Holiday programmes from Skegness.

Therefore, to be Rivroned is to blanked or passed over in the harshest way possible. The lowest fate that can become an already desparate and desparing man/person.
"i saw my Gran by Spar on Sunday night, but as went over to say high, she saw me and immediately crossed over the road and ran into the Bingo hall."

"That's poor bro, guess you got well Rivroned!"
by kristofa February 03, 2005
A word used to indicate that an offensive statement was knowingly ironic, thereby excusing oneself blame and social exclusion.
"Fascists are really just misunderstood travel operators...tomato bread!"
by Kristofa January 31, 2005
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