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the arrogant, i don't care about you but you better worship me attitude demonstrated by cats but can be applied to people as well.
that speaker was so full of catitude that it became silly
by kristekitty June 20, 2009
the need for drama in one's life, what makes a person turn ordinary events into major events
i can't talk to my friend about her relationship any longer, she's to full of adramaline to listen!
by kristekitty May 24, 2009
another name for jesus, an affectionate nickname for the son of god
my daughter considers homey j her friend and talks to him all the time.
by kristekitty July 08, 2009
a person on meth who is doing stupid, senseless things and acting strangely.
last time i visited john, the sprungmonkey was taking apart his broken vcr again.
by kristekitty October 14, 2009
the state of stupidity that envelopes most people when they slide behind the wheel of a mini-van.
i hate being stuck on a one lane road behind some vandicapped fool who isn't aware he has a gas pedal!
by kristekitty May 24, 2010
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