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Kickass rock group. They've released many cds, which are all awesome. Their most recent CD is "Sing the Sorrow."

by krispie January 02, 2005
Awesome rock band from Cali. Their newest album, American Idiot, is fucking awesome. Anyone offended by their controversial polical lyrics can kiss my ass xP Billie Joe = fucking hawt.
Green Day's new album rocks! Especially Jesus of Suburbia.
by krispie January 02, 2005
Might as well be considered seperate from Southern Virginia. One day it'll happen, I'm sure. There's a totally different attitude up here in the north. I won't be as arrogant to say we're better though. NoVAns are always amused by visitors to the state who are in awe of the DC sights, and in my case, of Potomac Mills Mall. NoVAns tend to take a lot of our amazing resources for granted, unfortunately. We refuse to call our part of the state "southern, or respond without putting the "northern" in front of Virginia.
Person: So where do you live?
NoVAn: *NORTHERN* Virginia. Not the south. No.

NoVAn: Mehr. *has seen the Wash Memorial 50 times*
by krispie January 02, 2005
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