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2 definitions by kriskringle100

See moolie (face definition), can also be used as adjective "mellinged", with numerous senses.
"If you pull a melling and the wind blows, you'll stay like that".

"Man you were hammered last night, you were absolutely mellinged. You were mellinging all over the place dude..."
by kriskringle100 May 10, 2006
(n.) Face pulled where upper lip is tucked behind lower lip lower lip extended downwards, then mouth opened slightly, like Frank Clark (ex-Notts Forest manager).

(n.) Person with a moolie face. Also "mooly" and "melling".
"That Frank Clark's a right mooly".

"Look Jim, Frank Clark's pulling a moolie again..." "No, that's just his face".
by kriskringle100 May 10, 2006