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A physical attack performed by flicking the victims nose with the index finger.
Using a method of locking the index finger under the thumb, explosive force can be generated by a skilled proponent of the snooty snorter. Applied in the right manner (normally a full frontal assault), the victims eyes should immediately fill with water. the next sensation is intense pain. the pain phase though excruciating, is short lived, meaning the snooty snorter is a useful stun move but lacks real stopping power.
by krisMedicine April 20, 2010
A physical attack on a person involving the assailant presoaking a finger in his\her own anal sweat, then wiping said finger across the victims top lip.
The anal sweat deposited on the victims top lip can be notoriously difficult to remove, requiring vigorous scubbing with a tool such as a pumice stone or a nail brush. Plus the fact that the odour omitted is in such close proximity to the victims nostrils, a mooey moustache attack can be intense and prolonged.
by krisMedicine April 20, 2010
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