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a person. or a good friend
"yo nuka, whut up with ya?"
by kris B March 02, 2006
1. moving away from one point to another point
2. doing, going, your well being
1. "yo man, where we bouncin to?"
2. "whut up man, how u bouncin?"
by kris B May 16, 2006
it is when you around adults or small children and you dont want to say fuck. you say funk.
adult - "the circumfrence of a pie is one hundred nano meters"
You - "WHAT THE FUNK?!?!?!"
by kris B May 16, 2006
a statement of agreement, or reassurance
"hey, you going to the show tongiht?"
"Hellz ya"
by kris B May 16, 2006
another word for the Police. a hobo in Halifax, NS, said it. they came running up to him because he was drunk out of his mind. he starts to run and says "OH NO! the Macadees are commin"
"o no, here come the macadees"
by kris B May 16, 2006
another word for the skateboarding trick "Kickflip". the trick consists of you ollieing and kicking your front foot so the board does a barral roll type thingg. it is possible to do a double kackflap and sometimes even a tripple kackflap
"man, yesterday i landed a kackflap that was like 3 feet high!"
by kris B May 16, 2006
it is something you do to people. it ivolves, the shnufflepoo-ee (the one getting it) should be laying on their stomach. then the shnufflepoo-er (one DOING it) willjump in them, and dig their own chin into the recipiants upperback and rub vigoursly. you, have now recived/given a shnufflepoo
*kid fast asleep at a sleepover*
*guy jumps on him and digs chin into his upper back*
" O MY GOD!!!, what was that?!?!"
" HAHAH dude, that was a Shnufflepoo"
by Kris B September 01, 2006
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