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Someone who balls out of control in every facet of life
Dude 1: lil wayne is ballin

Dude 2: Nah dude, he is bill gaten
by kranzenator October 02, 2010
One who excels greatly over their peers in any particular task.
Dude #1: Dude i am so good at parallel parking.
Dude # 2: Nah dude, I am the parallel parking overlord.
by kranzenator April 22, 2010
One who acts as if they are your best friend, but when asked non-surface level questions, refuse to answer.

An anti-friend will also ask you to divulge all your deepest secrets, then go behind your back and tell everyone.
Friend John: Dude, who did you fuck this weekend?
Friend Steven: Fuck you man, i don't kiss and tell.
Friend John: But, I thought we were best friends... you're being an anti-friend.
by kranzenator January 26, 2012

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