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gender specific for females,when either sleeping without underwear or wearing clothes without underwear.
At the office i was eavesdropping on my cohort Patty ;she was announcing to her girlfriends that she would be freelipping on her first date tonight with a potential new .boyfriend
by kram21 September 24, 2008
female word for going commando;not wearing underwear
ON my first date with her, my now girlfriend casually told me that she's going lubial tonight!
by kram21 October 23, 2008
gender specific for females,to not wear underwear
ON my first date with her ,she stated that she was twaddeling!
by kram21 September 24, 2008
alternative spelling for twaddeling
gender specific for females not wearing underwear
i noticed in one of Sharon Stone's movies she was twaddtelling!
by kram21 March 06, 2009

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