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(Adv.) So Drunk and/or High that you are incapable of moving and continue to sit carefree.
"Go grab the Pringles"

"I'm Sitting-Bulled"

"Well fuck looks like we're going hungry"

"Chiefed bro Chiefed"
by kprowand January 12, 2012
(N.) "Pussy" and "Care-Free" combined. Temporarily not caring about bitches and instead concentrating on chilling with your bros.
"You gonna meet up with Sarah?"

"Nah dude, parefree tonight"

"Good Man"
by kprowand January 12, 2012
(ADV.) A deep state of drunkenness, possibly even black-out, while remaining incredibly chill regardless

Synonyms: sitting-bulled, overchilled, chiefed, zooted, parefree
1. -"Bro, Chris is mad hrenched"

2. -"I know dude, chill ratio on infinity"

1. -"Those bitches wanna dance with you"

2. -"Whatever man I'm hrenched"
by kprowand January 12, 2012

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