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The description for a psychological and chronic state of confusion.
"That's the way I am. I suppose I'm gonna be selin for the rest of my life"
"I'm afraid that you're selin."
"I can't help being selin."
by korsakov May 15, 2008
(noun)The name for a certain medication often taken by those who suffer from chronic selin disorder. Ayse works by allowing the selin person to gain a sudden sense of clairvoyance or lucidity, eliminating the symptoms of CSD for a few weeks.
A noted side affect is an increase in the release of oxytocin in the body, though the chemical's reputation for triggering feelings of love negates the cause for concern that the potent drug would be at all detrimental to the patient's well being.
Ayse is the best remedy/treatment for the selin person.
by korsakov May 21, 2008

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