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4 definitions by korndog

To forget a word that you yourself coined.
-Steven Colbert
I can't believe i forgot about truthiness, a word that I coined. There should be a word for that. Forgetitude?
by korndog June 18, 2008
what you call someone when their balls get bigger when the camera is on them, somebody that acts tougher when the camera is watching.
that ghetto girl nene has got some big camera balls
by korndog September 24, 2009
An auto-response for many guys, when there is nothing good to say. Made popular by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob.
1: What are you going to eat today?
2: Pussy, man!

1: Dude, what's your favorite color?
2: Pussy, man!
1: You never know what to say! One answer for everything... "Pussy, man"
by korndog April 06, 2008
Something to say when you don't understand what someone is trying to tell you. Can also mean "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" but more often people don't know what it means and say it anyway. Similar to touche
girl: you were great last night.
guy: you know, when in rome....
by korndog April 06, 2008