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A stick, about 30cm long, that can be concealed up a sleeve, and can be used to 'poke' people who argue with you/irritate you/don't like the music you do/deserve poking/don't deserve poking but you poke anyway/anyone in the hope of enraging them/making them move/injuring them/anything.

An incredibly versatile human management tool
Move out the way, or i'll poke you with my Poking Stick
by Kore March 18, 2004
yo, man, let's go hit the bong
by Kore February 24, 2004
A word describing the situation when upon being given an order by the CIA to deliver some fresh eggs to Mrs. Brady in cocklebill street, you discover the eggs are not actually eggs, they are egs. Then the wheels of your delivery van fall off and you skid into a river. You survive in the wilderness for three days by building a raft out of fried Egs and slowly eating it. Then your legs fall off. You claw your way back to the CIA building, and they give you a fresh batch of Egs. When you finally arive at Mrs. Brady's, it turns out she died two years ago. You throw your hands up and scream.
Dude, i just had the worst Fnaarg ever
by Kore February 26, 2004
In an imaginary city far away, emotions are not allowed. The drug tht suppresses them is called farglewargle.

The reasoning behind this is that when a voice shouts 'take your farglewargle' people who haven't will still have emotions, and will laugh.

You can then pick them off at leisure
by Kore February 28, 2004
A complete and utter dipwad who likes to hit the bong all the time
man, that stoner's such a spuggin!
by Kore February 24, 2004
Shmalexiberoth is a high demon, belched out from the very bowels of hell to terrorise the county of Somerset with his disgusting fashion sense and his even more disgusting breath. His demonic powers include paralysis by breathing, mumbling incoherently at people, and trying to kill them by snapping their necks. Can easily be exorcised with holy water, or, failing that, a firecracker or two.
Oh my god! He just flew out of his chair in a demonic fashion! He must be the high demon Shmalexiberoth!
by Kore October 14, 2004
An evil high demon with breath that can knock over a wall. Terrified of bangs, and similar contusional noises. Idon't think that makers sense, i'll just add it anyway. mm...contusional.
Yo, Shmalexberoth, stop breathing on me and catch this banger
by Kore August 23, 2004

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