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That moment in cinema and real life when a scene change so stark in contrast occurs that the psyche breaths a collective sigh or delicious inhale while taking it all in. The Oz Moment in the film The Wizard of Oz was when Dorothy first opened the door of her house onto Muchkin Land and the film shifted from black and white to technicolor.
Upon awakening their first morning in the Italian Villa they'd rented, the film "Enchanted April" conveyed an Oz Moment through the brilliant, floral vista along the Italian coast.
by konundrummer May 16, 2010
The lower side of the posterior region that exceeds the perimeter of a swim suit, underwear or other covering and is above the leg; buttocks with cleavage (not to be confused with "buttock cleavage" which is the area above buttock coverings); butt CHeeks + bOOBS; CH+OOBS; non-gender specific
The hefty man on Waikiki beach shouldn't have been wearing a Speedo - his choobs almost matched his wife's, in her also too small bikini.
by konundrummer April 02, 2010
verb: <Pronunciation: \'pe-rōd\> the effect of peripheral political parties that erode members of mainstream political parties as happened in the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections when Ross Perot enticed away both Democratic and Republican voters; noun: Perot'sion
As happened in 1992 and 1996 elections, the Tea Party will Perot'd the voting bases of both Dem's and GOP's, causing upsets in elections this Fall.
by konundrummer April 02, 2010
adjective: imbecilic, over-use of memes on the Internet; annoying use of memes; over use of a meme
Posing pets in unnatural costumes and situations for pictures on the Internet is memebecilic.
by konundrummer February 28, 2013
Any of several forms of jest, put-down, or smack talking about or between people on Facebook, where the parties appear to be verbally feuding.
John and Jason engaged in a playful bout of smackbooking on their Facebook walls when Jason claimed his car was faster than John's.
by konundrummer February 09, 2013
Votes cast based on the emotion whipped up by sophist political leaders. These emotions may be single issues or general fervor based on a variety of burning hot issues such as religion, denial of civil rights for minorities, moral perception. Such votes are marked by unreasoned ideas or complete lack of reason. Flock voting is the most desirable type for the GOP and oligarchical business.
Education and reason will signal the eventual demise of the GOP and institutions who depend on flock voting to perpetuate the oligarchy that the United States of American became in the second millennium.
by konundrummer February 21, 2012
slash tag (noun) - A type of hash tag that implies a threat.

slash tagging (verb) - The act of applying a hash tag
Billy ended his Facebook rant about who ever stole his iPod by slash tagging #iwillcutyou

Molly was particularly pleased with her party outfit and posted her picture on Facebook with the slash tag #watchoutbitches
by konundrummer February 09, 2013

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