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A dump that comes with an explosion but is not firm, resulting in a spray which covers the toilet bowl. After flushing the water from the system will wash it away, leaving
some of the spray behind. a shit like this is helpful in toilet bowl design as you can see where the flush water goes and where it doesn't
to achieve a crop spray eat lots of fatty foods cheese duck burgers and drink lots of alcohol.
If eating a French diet the spray will come out with a reddish colour due to the red wine
by komunicator August 08, 2006
A cunt. Taken from the Italian
you are a bouquette. spoken by christopher moltisanti in the sopranos
by komunicator March 16, 2007
A very long word used to insult

Homo - Gay
Necro - Dead
Pedo - Child
Beastia - Animal

A guy who has sexaul relations with young dead male animals.
I cant believe what a sick bastard you are, homonecropedobeastiasexaulity should be illegal
by komunicator August 08, 2006

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