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The physiological response to a very recent orgasm. sweating, heavy breathing
The glazed over look (After glow) of being thoroughly and very recently fucked well into a happy ending. The content and satisfied appearance one gets following an orgasm
1) She must have just got some because she looks freshly suggarred.

2) She has the feshly suggarred look of a woman in love.
by kokonuts September 01, 2009
The act of providing oral gratification to your female partner from stem to stern while she lays spread eagle on her stomach and youre laying between her legs, also on your stomach. MUST be a female reciepent as preforming this act on a male may result in an unfortunate teabagging incident. This term is self explanatory and is ideal for any man with an oral fixation who likes the sensation of warm butt cheecks blocking his vision, or any woman who wants both ends of her taint thoroughly primed.
Hey Baby, roll over onto your belly so I can get to buttfacing you from your happytrail to the small of your back
by kokonuts August 26, 2009

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