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the dutch word for hello, used by weird people
teacher sneaks into class,
and scares the crap out of everybody by saying:
by ko3kenbakker March 28, 2008
necro bear is the brother of pedo bear.
he doesn't like child porn as much as pedo bear. necro bear likes necro porn.
he has glasses and a moustache
you see a dead person.
you see a bear.
The bear has glasses and a moustache.
you know it's necro bear
by ko3kenbakker February 23, 2009
DUTF is the short way of saying:
double U T F = what the fuck (double U = W).
Nobody knows why a person would use this, because WTF is shorter and easier.
1: WTF dude, you killed him.
2: Oh, that's ok, my mom said I could.
1: DUTF??
by ko3kenbakker February 18, 2009

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