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An extremely old dude who, when talking, sounds like someone is squeezing his stomach. This guy is the human form of the game of football. He eats, sleeps, and drinks football. BOOM! Look at a video game case or monday night football and you'll see this man happy and smiling because he is football!!!
Look at him! It's John Madden, he's so old but happy...I wish we could play a game of football with him, but he might go insane or explode or something.
by knowledgeman October 04, 2006
Known as the bigass monster that eats guys for the hell of it from the English epic, Beowulf. Something referred to as Grendel has to be big, dangerous, and dominant. It can be a hungry fat guy, a relative of Jabba the Hutt, Britney Spears-Pregnant Style, or even the moustache on Wilford Brimley. Whatever it is, it's disturbing to the general public.
1.) Hey little Billy, you better stop hangin' around with that Grendel, you might suddenly be absorbed.
2.) Dude, that guys got Grendel on his face!
3.) It's Grendel: Live on Broadway, starring the pregnant Britney Spears as that...thing.
by knowledgeman October 04, 2006
A Starfleet officer from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" who betrayed his commander and caused him to chase Eddington all around the galaxy and he could never escape. He died by getting shot...a lot.
EDDINGTON!...Michael Eddington, you betrayed your uniform!
by knowledgeman October 04, 2006

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