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this is the school that costs 40k a year with no benefits.

Reasons not to even walk past the school:
1. there is no football. what kind of college doesnt have football?
2. a school that also is cutting half of the sports teams it hsa left.
3. only sports left are soccer and field hockey
4. the only good food is at mcdonalds
5. public safety will try and pull you over, nobody will stop
6. somehow rush hour lasts from 7am all the way til 1040PM when classes end.
7. AU is the former drug capital of NW DC.
8. They have gone in the last 10 years from a hot party scene to a drug/alcahol free war zone
9. In 2001 the government raided our private residences and stole all the drugs.
10. we all still do drugs
look on the south side of campus
American university used to be awesome
by knowledgeJW October 24, 2006

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