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An abbreviation for Northwest Washington, DC. The largest quadrant in the District of Columbia encompassing downtown, the White House, and some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the world. Here is where preppy kids blast rap music out of their Grand Cherokees and BWMs and the alternateens hotbox their volvos. Everyone's parents are either senators, congressmen, lawyers or lobbyists. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is a democrat. Parties never get busted like they do in Montgomery County because the cops are lazy and have bigger problems in other parts of the city. Popular hangouts include Chipotle in Tenley, Steak 'n Egg, American City Diner, Houka Bar, and Fort Reno. It is the sweetest place to live and we all thank god that we don't live in Potomac, McLean, or anywhere else in MD or VA.
Kid from Potomac #1: Dude, there is nothing goin on tonight
Kid from Potomac #2: Yeah i heard of this sweet party in NW DC. Too bad we live 30 minutes away.
Kid from Potomac #1: I wish we lived in NW DC!
by DC King December 04, 2005
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