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2 definitions by kmshoremount

Combination of the words gay and lame; Used in a situation when you don't know if a friend is being gay or lame or both.
Joe: I sat up all night to watch "Nine" nine times.
John: The cartoon or the musical?
Joe: Duh, the musical. Daniel Day-Lewis is my god.
John: GLAME!
by kmshoremount January 07, 2011
Abbreviation for the phrase side note; Used to save time and feel awesome about how lame you are.
Girl: I was totally going to go to the party, but then, like, I decided not to.
Guy: Snote: I hate it when you talk.
Girl: God, you are such a jerk!
Guy: Snote: I don't care.
by kmshoremount January 07, 2011