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bomb, bombing, bombed, bombs swirl harbor:
To defecate in a toilet.
To poop, crap, or to shit.
I really have one brewing, I'll be back after I bomb swirl harbor.
Don't go into the bathroom, somebody stank it up by bombing swirl harbor.
Sir, I'll have you know that my stomach cramps have subsided now that I bombed swirl harbor and flushed my feces out to sea.
by klootius October 04, 2006
1. An excremental condition characterized by an initial firm stool (cork) which is followed by liquid diarrhea (water).
2. A cork of solid poo holding back watery excrement.
3. When a bowel movement consists of both cured and uncured feces.
-verb (intransitive verb)
3. To defecate corkwaters.
1. Wendy knew she had a bad case of the corkwaters when she heard a loud splash followed by a continuous flow.
2. In the toilet I saw a wide but short log floating in a sea of brown, Jeremy must had a corkwater before me.
3. I think my colon was a little to eager to release, because I just had a corkwater.
4. That man just corkwatered.
by klootius February 27, 2008

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