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A dog that a typical old IB TOK teacher owns. Usually brought into the classroom at a deathly hour of 7 am every Wednesday. This dog has a tendency to crap on the floor and the rest of the students suffer the aroma whilst in the same room.
Ew! Ms. Kinegal brought in Talula again and she closed the door on us.
by kleaie February 17, 2005
can be anyone from a foreign asian country. must be wear mismatched colors.Must be in ESL or another language assistance class.

males must be attracted to things like Hell# K*tty and virtually everything unproportional.

females must have undeveloped chests and hairy armpits. they usually get really hot honger bfs though.

hongers refer to themselves as "honga".
Let's go honger watching! *honger walks by* Wow, that is one ugly honger!
by kleaie February 19, 2005

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