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Commonly abbreviated to 'BSYT', the favoured terminology for sales people, particularly those in the tech industries, where it's something of a uniform. It is believed that the "power" of the full-on blue shirt, yellow tie combination will stun and bewilder savvy and jaded engineers into purchasing whatever crap the salesman is shilling.
Man, I have a 2:30 with EMC. I bet there will be at least a half dozen blue shirt yellow ties trying to get us to buy their latest bloated crapware.
by klausfiend July 31, 2011
A derogatory term for a salesman who works in high tech. Frequently seen wearing the blue shirt yellow tie "power dress" combination, as this tends to impress naive non-engineers. The sales squid tends to embody all of the slippery, spineless character flaws typically associated with bad sales people.
Have the sales squids from IBM turned up for the meeting yet?
by klausfiend July 31, 2011
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