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a happy trail that has been cut, shaved, styled, clipped, or dyed to be the single gaudiest, ugliest, corniest, tackiest, most pretentious or most interesting thing about the hippy, hipster, deviant, or weirdo wearing it (there's no proof yet that any woman has ever done this anywhere). Usually something lame and supposedly counterculture like a tree, offensive logo, optical illusion, or, at its worst, an actual picture of a person or scene. Or, of course, Che Guevara.

When done right, it's usually a video game logo or something random or horrifying enough it actually seems appropriate to put on the happy trail.
"What the--that guy had that picture of Obama shaved into his hippy trail! Dude, wear a shirt, for America's sake!"
"Ugh, that's just foul."

"Woah, what the hell is that on his hippy trail?"
"Who, that guy? I dunno. Why are you looking?"
"That's the triforce!"
"Holy crap! Hey, half-naked dude! You win!"
#hippy trail #happy trail #swithing #shaving #hipster #hippy #pubic #viva la repulsion #dye #dyejob #beard #goatum #goatee
by kittyme May 21, 2010
the act of clipping or shaving the happy trail in circular or spiral patterns and/or dying it, typically done to create a hippy trail (though often also for laughs or to be kinky) and occasionally considered foreplay between individuals not averse to body hair being involved in their encounters.
"John has some weird design on his trail there... He must be skilled at swithing."
"I wish I could believe that, but the truth is he has that pervy long-haired guy do it for him."
"Dude! You don't swithe with someone if you're not a thing. Or at least wasted."
"He was wasted. Great picture, though. Looks like a magic eye."
#swathing #swath #swithe #happy trail #hippy trail #manscaping #shaving #shave #manscape #hair #switing
by kittyme May 21, 2010
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