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the protecter of the kitty cave, and watcher of the dust bunnies.

frog boy: DAMNIT! its my coffee break woman!
by kittyisnextdoor April 01, 2005
Rumpstick has to meanings one a girls ass after being beat by a stick and for a guy inbetween his butt and dick being beat
friend one: Damnit! they beated my rumbstick fucking hard last night!

friend two: Dude i told you to break up with them they are goin to kill you.

friend three: Dude if your get rid of them can i have them?

friend one: You fucking kinky whore!
by kittyisnextdoor March 31, 2005
a cute little bunny that eats pudding all day and watches dust bunny porn to learn how to make more dust bunnies thats why we have so many of them and if they don't get both they will kill you with a spork!
the dust bunnies are making more dust bunnies under my bed so fuck them they ain't getting no more porn or pudding
*2hours later*
Shit! they are goin to kill me with that fork/spoon thingy ahhhhh
*chokes on blood dies*
by kittyisnextdoor March 31, 2005
the other white meat that gives some happyness but to most none
Tammy: GOD! that fucking man was not good in bed like you said!

April: It ain't my falt your a fucking loose whore!
by kittyisnextdoor March 31, 2005

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