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Anyone who chases the bag of dope.
both genders ( not just females) are prone to not have enough money to take care their meth (can be any drug really) habit. There for they have to hang with someone who has the drug. They will hang with anyone. Even the worst person in the world. they'll sleep with whom ever just to get "high".
EXAMPLE: James is such a friggen "bag ho". He just goes from place to place. Doesn't matter who it is, as long as they have dope. He's slept with some really nasty, gross bitches just to get high.
by kittyNdahood May 09, 2010
the glass pipe meth is smoked from
Hey James, I got something to wake you up if you have a "shit tool".
by kittyNdahood May 09, 2010
A strong urge you feel you must satisfy to give or get pleasured sexually
I can't believe what I did last night. I ended up sleeping with Mario. I watched that XXX rated video with Mario and I got really super "horny".
by kittyNdahood May 09, 2010
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