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Getting screwed over in the worst possible sense. Right up there with BOHICA.
I really got bent over the barrel with this detail.
by kitesoldier September 16, 2008
acronym for Bend Over Manchu, Here It Comes Again. Refers to U.S. soldiers stationed in a specific unit in Korea, Located in Camp Hovey. A soldier there is referred to as a Manchu. Hence, the variation from BOHICA.
You got Staff Duty again! BOMICA, dude!
by kitesoldier September 16, 2008
Acronym for Under the Desk Duty. Used as an extreme alternative to sucking up or brown nosing. Referring to being under your boss' desk performing oral sexual favors.
Person 1: Where's Betty?
Person 2: I believe she has UDD this week with Mark, the boss.
by kitesoldier September 16, 2008
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