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A fun thing to put in your microwave.
Look at the pretty colours!
by Kit January 14, 2005
Jedi apprentice, grasshoppa, n00b
Don't get ahead of yourself padwan, post an intro first.
by kit February 01, 2005
1) to be used as a synonym for "dork" "dweeb" "geek" or "doofus."
2) can be used as an affectionate pet name.
1) "Did you just spill your milk all over yourself? You're such a moofus..."
2) My little sister is a moofus.
by Kit January 06, 2005
A straight male who will only become gay for Brian Hall
I'm straight as an arrow, but I am so a brisexual.
by Kit October 24, 2004
having sexual intercourse vaginally, orally and anally
I am going for the full trifucta tonight.
by kit November 08, 2003
To leave a group outing without saying goodbye and no one noticing. A synonym to the Irish Goodbye or Ghosting.
Dan: I couldn't find you at the wedding last night,where were you?
Angela: Sorry I was smoke bombing and got the hell out of there!
by KiT April 23, 2015
your playing soccer and you pull out a bunch of skills (tricks) to get the ball around a player, but then another player is there so you do it again, and it repeats itself
(George is entering a pack of defenders)
George: "uh oh"
Bob: "Pull out your bag o' tricks"
by Kit April 03, 2005

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